About Us

Concorde Logistics welcomes and appreciates the intertest and time afforded navigating through our personalised website.

Originally established in 2002, our landside logistics Operations serves the transportation needs locally, nationally and cross-border.

Concorde Logistics is a level 1 BBB-EE contributor – this company was established with a long-term vision, armed with an immense self-earned knowledge and experience of the Industry embracing all areas of Transportation, Freight and Logistics.

The owners, Clive M.Cook and Rodney S Govender proudly boasts and accumulation of many years of dedicated service(s) within the Freight and Trucking Industry, resulting in an understanding of customer's expectations, challenges and demands.We operate in an ever growing and demanding industry, and due to our commitment, dedication and focus, have seen an exponential growth in services provided; ensuring this company is in the hands of competent, trustworthy and capable management.

Our key focus is positively contributing towards our Country's economic growth, complying with the laws of the Road Traffic Ordinance, and respecting our labour laws in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment.

Members of the Road Freight Association (RFA) and National bargaining Council (NBC)

Concorde Logistics' business philosophy is based with pride and on the premise that our most significant asset is –

Local, National, Regional and Cross-Border