Welcome to Concorde Logistics

Our Promise

To be productive, creative, adaptable and efficient without any compromise, with confidence and focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To become an effective/efficient player within the transportation industry by providing a unique and professional value-add service to our client(s) through our own personnel attention, hands-on management approach, positive attitude and continuous motivation to achieve our mission and goals.

Our Vision

To be the best, time-efficient and proficient transportation company in this ever changing and extremely demanding industry providing the best possible value-add service to our customer(s).

Concorde Logistics is determined to fulfilling its vision; our plans are structured around the following:

• Promoting and maintaining service standards.
• Promoting empowerment and development.
• Encouraging growth and investment.
• Supporting and positively contributing towards our country's economic development.
• Ensuring we provide a consistent and efficient level of service.
• Committing to be always available on call for our client(s).
• To earn a reputation of integrity and honesty.
• To engage constructively with management/staff within our organization in order to develop a unique culture of positive thoughts/action